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Lucille Kreps

44. I think this page is pretty self explanatory.

50, 51 – drawing along with the rough skeleton videos but goofing around with copic markers after the skeleton to see what happens when you fill them out with meat. I LOVE the copic original W0 maker cause it is super light and you can really make a mess and then just cover right over it. It’s got a nice tip and it’s as light as it possibly can be while still being visible. My heavy handedness with a pencil has been such an impediment and a frustration that I’ve had to make a decision – get stuck trying and failing and trying and failing to control my pencil and get NO sketching done or just say screw it, put a bandaid on it by letting the materials control the value and do a ton of sketching and get the millage on that. Maybe after a time and everything else improves, it will seem worth it to revisit the pencil. Or…. I will just paint stuff and use all my pencils to build a tiny bonfire.

52 – sometimes when I’m netflixing out in bed, I will pause it and do a sketch so I feel like I’m doing something. Ah, that proud moment when you’re snapping a photo of your sketchbook page and your i-phone recognizes the thing you just drew as a face ; ) I’m tempted to just draw a big walmart smiley face on a sheet of paper with two googly eyes and see if the i-phone camera picks that up as a face too… nah… I’ll just live in my cozy little world where my phone has just paid me a very nice complement and keep on sketchin : )

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