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Lucille Kreps

Impromptu Life Drawing Session at Work

So I work in a business where people disrobe for me all the time… I’m not sure why I haven’t taken advantage of that long before now, instead feeling bad about those open life drawing sessions I found out about last year and never seem to make it to. Last week I made a decision to be on the feel for clients who seem chill enough to hang around and pose – well, tonight was the night! Very relaxed private atmosphere, no battling traffic to get to the trendy part of town, no reenacting ‘The Hunger Games’ trying to win the grand prize of one cramped metered parking spot.

Though the circumstances weren’t especially ideal since I wasn’t working with an actual life drawing model in the context of a classroom setting. Instead of a model platform, he reclined on the bed which made it hard to tell what was going on in places as parts of the figure were sinking quite a bit into the mattress. Lighting was terrible. Also there was a lot of micro shifting and nose scratching and arm movements going on but I have now, finally, for the first time ever gotten in some gesture drawing from life – YAY!!!

When I asked if he would help me with my life drawing stuff he replied “what… you mean… draw me? Like one of your French girls?”

I started out earlier in the day doing loose meandering sketches while listening to the video critiques and then some gesture drawings with one of the the pose videos. I’m starting to not hate how they come out. Although I did run into an issue tonight when I went to work from life, and that’s that I’ve been starting all my gesture drawings out by doing the rib cage and pelvis first and going from there – with all of the models I’ve seen so far in the pose videos it’s super easy to quickly determine where those are, what direction they’re facing, and how they’re angled. I could not really not get a feel for what was going on with that in my life model – very challenging, but fun!

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