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Lucille Kreps

Didn’t get much done today except work on the drawing accurate angles homework and screw around with my neighbor. Got to see her cool tree paintings today and I showed her my sketchbook. We might go to some life drawing sessions sometime soon – which will be awesome since I’ve been meaning to go for, like, a year but haven’t been able to get across town during the day.

I didn’t print out the reference photo but instead was trying to do it from a distance looking at the computer screen. Didn’t come out that great – maybe next time I really will print it out but I always try to avoid having a photo right next to the paper I’m working on cause I feel like it’s a little more like drawing from life to have the reference away from me. I can see how doing this exercise with the photo right there would help train the eye to see the angles better though.

After that, I just screwed around with it and used a pen to try to work on line quality and tried to figure out how to use my watercolors since that’s what I mostly want to be using. Made the initial ghosting in waaay too dark. I always having trouble figuring out where the terminator lines are unless the shadow is super harsh. And I don’t know what the opposite of ‘lazy eye’ is… but her left eye’s got it going on – it’s like way up high and perkier than the other one lol. Couldn’t see my marks under the watercolor and was just freehanding with the pen on the eyes at that point.

Been keeping a smaller sketchbook in my car and on my bicycle. On my bicycle sketching sessions, I keep running into some nice lady who is taking in person figure drawing classes and we chat, so that’s pretty cool.

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