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Lucille Kreps

35 “Planes of the Head” model and booklet came in the mail yesterday – going over old sketchbook page with red to do the first exercise in the book.

36, 37 kind of doing a hybrid gesture simple anatomy study from the pose videos. Incorporating a little bit of planes when I can see them. I hate doing gesture drawings and having them come out like weird evil looming dank vine charcoaley dancing brooms or like stiff stick figures so I’m taking the pose videos really slow until I figure out how I want to approach gesture and it becomes ingrained in my fingers and head, then I’ll speed it up (and stop cheating!). About 6 minutes per sketch at this point. Also, will move to large newsprint when I’m ready to stop cheating by pausing the video.

38 I may have over-gathered on the colorful pens. Next week’s paycheck caveperson will gather less pens, more meat and berries. Caverperson hungry. I think I’m finally onto something as far as staying motivated. First, I can’t erase so I can’t dwell too long on any one thing – if I screw it up, oh well, on to the next try. Meh, it’s pen, whattrya gonna do? Second, yes, I’m using color as a bandaid for my lack of skill lol. But when the sketch comes out a proportional or structural mess – ooooh loook!!!! This page has prettttty colors!! I’m gonna keep sketching now cause I feel all happy inside.

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