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Lucille Kreps

On a side note, I got some pretty amazing still life stuff from the dickblick website – it’s a plaster cast of a hand holding a cylinder – it’s pretty cool! They have a whole series of these hands holding the basic shapes – coupled with some basic shape foam cheapies I found on amazon – they make a pretty fun still life to draw!

random fashion model whose skirt I wanted to draw, another still life with a wood mannequin and the troubled head of Moses. Ink pens and leftover gouache mud.. I’ve managed to cram yet another shelf into my workroom in the 1 foot space I have between the top of the window and the ceiling as it starts to slant…. and set up an area that’s just all about doing quick still life studies. The shelf is full of random still life do dads that can be moved quickly and randomly to the table which sits below and has some spot light type lamps for light sources. the lights can be moved around or even clipped overhead to do the same still life with light source changes – fun!

Hamster: Last year when I first got back into drawing – from not great reference photos of the Highly Esteemed Matthias H. Hamilton. I keep it hanging up on my wall because the one on the upper right corner of the page is I think the first thing I have ever drawn in my life that came out loose so I keep it up to remind myself that that’s where I want to be – plus, awwww…hammie : )

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