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Marjan Van der Donk

Hi Linn,
Saying that ‘we’ve all been there’ doesn’t help I presume 😉 ;-)? I have certainly been there, and still am regularly!
Since starting DTO I have worked in sketchbooks instead of loose paper: I love to have a ‘documented account of my progress’ a.k.a. my failures are saved for prosterity too. And yes, leafing through my books I cringe when I come across those! As Mary wrote: the only way forward is to persevere! Perhaps try to do a few very easy exercises to get the feeling for it (again)? Experiment a little with different ways of shading? I did that with a series of orbs, cubes and cilinders when I first took up drawing (all kinds of hatching, parallel lines, smudging with a brush or tortillion). Hope this helps and fortifies!