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Marjan Van der Donk

Hi David,

Keeping motivated was a challenge for me too. In my case it was a lack of direction: I lacked real skill and didn’t kwnow ‘what to draw’ but at the same time felt the need to go on drawing. Firstly, I let go of ‘form’ completely and painted large, loose, intiutive tonal canvasses. Next, I became a member of DTO and seriously started to improve my drawing skills through the (original site) Step by Step tutorials – and this is where I took off! I found, to my surprise, that really thinking hard about what you like and sticking to one or two mediums and subject matter (Matt has some great articles on finding your true North) my creativity was triggered. Motivation hasn’t been an issue from that point on. I love working in series, and new ideas pop up all the time. For me it is important to keep reminding myself of my True North, for all kinds of ‘good ideas’ want to side track me – spreading myself thin is demotivating for then you don’t finish anything to a good standard, if at all. Hope this helps!