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Marjan Van der Donk

I totally relate to being an introvert and not enjoying a room full of strangers and/or having to ‘be creative’ under that kind of pressure. Fortunately, I have learned to work my way around this and ’embrace my introvert qualities’;-) I have been to this open life drawing class a few times last year. I know the organiser a bit, that helped … And the setup is right up my street: max 8 people, all serious about their art and commitment to learn by practicing, working in silence and without a teacher. If you like, you can ask some feedback from your peers, if you don’t you don’t. It’s about 20 minutes by bike, so no real hardship there.
I find that setting a goal helps a lot. For these classes my goal is to do lots of gesture drawings. And if I feel comfortable enough I will try a more detailed sketch.

Most of all I love to be in my studio, in silence (apart from soft music) and all alone all day…