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Jordan De Hoyos

Hi Matt, right now i’m really having a hard time trying to figure out what i want to for a living. I’m haven’t drawn anything or have even been interested in drawing or art sense i was in junior high or part of high school, all i do know is ever sense i was young i had ideas popping into my head like pictures and thing i should put on paper, but i lack the focus or the drive to put effort into it. I have ADD and depression, I’m trying to get that under control, because i think illustration is something i’d be really go at. Ever sense i graduated high school i no plan or any idea what i want to do for a life long career, i’ve been working in different jobs from 2012 till now when my last job fired me. i wasn’t happy with what i been doing just getting by and making money. so i’ve think on going to school for illustration and being able to work for a company like “Marvel Comic” or something like that. But to get a degree i would have to move away from home, and take years of class that are not for illustration, like math, history, and science so that would get a degree. I live in Wichita Falls, Texas. And here there are no schools or job that deal with what i want to do. So i found your site and thought i could reteach myself, but i think am better with someone in person teaching me, instead of watch videos have no idea of what their talking about cause my mind keeps wondering off into my little world. i’m still looking something here were i live but its kinda hard to look and deal with unemployment at the same time, its really frustrating me and making my depression worse. I know you don’t want to deal with something like this, cause you have your own things to do, but i thought sense your a teacher and you’ve do stuff like this before, if you can please give me some advice so maybe i have some reason to keep trying this if i have a future in this. i want believe im more capable to do anything if i set mind to it, cause the very last thing i want spend the rest of me life here and to work in factorys and not be happy with myself knowing i have a chance to something worth while. I hope you can give me an to this.