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Jackie Stone

Hi Matt-
I posted this last week and I think maybe it was missed. Am I posting in the right place for member message questions? I hope this is ok, I’d love your thoughts on my questions.

This year one of my goals is to paint, paint, paint and learn. I have a goal in mind of how many I want to complete, both large and small, but mostly small and quick (well, quick for me). It seems like only every other painting is coming out to my satisfaction. It’s a bit frustrating, and makes me definitely doubt myself at times. But isn’t that what I’m doing this for? I guess other artists doubt themselves too when a painting/drawing doesn’t turn out. But my question is when should I just stop, realize it’s not working, and move to the next one? It seems to be really hard for me to let go, thinking I should have it in me somewhere to pull out and magically fix a painting gone wrong. I feel like there’s so many things to know, like color, composition, value ratio…..and so much more to think about when creating a piece. Do you have a process to narrow done how to analyze a painting? And when do you walk away from one? Thanks for your thoughts!