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Diane Fleming

Hello Luigi, Merry Christmas! I was in the Canadian military, and in my days computers did not exist and I was never posted to a base near an art school and of course we did not mingle much with the civilian population so trying to find local art groups was out of the question, not to mention that our crazy military work schedules-working evenings, weekends at the whim of our superiors- would have never done much for paying big money for workshops and classes ahead of time. I’m sure you can relate to my rant. You are very fortunate to be able to persuit arts and have a military career at the same time. Make the most of it. DTO is a wonderful place to be and no other artist critiques weekly submissions like Matt does. He is a very seansonned and experienced artist and he is very humble (I cannot stand those artists who think their sh..don’t stink or they talk down to their students) one of the many reasons I truely enjoy this site. Have fun!