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Gordan Knezic

Hi Matt,
I am largely self-taught in all art disciplines and techniques I know and don’t have any formal art education. Some of techniques came just naturally I guess kind of felt like I had a knack for it, and most I learned from art books, videos and some workshops. Two years ago I decided to take time and seriously focus on my art development. A desire I feel I always had in me but for one or another reason had to pushed it away and delay to some future more suitable time.
During these two years I did many things but not following any particular strategy. It all went in rather random fashion. Mostly painted (watercolors and primary landscapes), studied some drawing from Andrew Loomis’s books, and did some oil pastels. That lack of structure bothered me but was not sure what to do.
I came to conclusion that I need to dedicate lot more time learning and developing my drawing skills. For one I love to draw and two seems to me everything else takes the lead from drawing. Painting being more or less a drawing with the brush.
I started this week with “Begin here step by step” course. Ones this course is completed I am not sure what will be next? Is it up to me to opt for other courses in sequence that is my preference? What would be your suggestion in which order to take other courses? I am assuming there must be some logic in what to take first and what to take last.
“Body of work” you propose we make a commitment and produce one on weekly or biweekly basis. Does it matter on what format this work should be done? For someone like me just starting any suggestions on ideas for first Body of work?
I would appreciate if you would provide a feedback with some guidance.

Thank you,