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Julie Taylor

hi matt

I am a self taught artist that skipped over most of the fundamentals of art when I first started learning mainly because I didn’t know and my art teacher in school and college never stressed their importance they just assumed I knew them as my skill level was higher than a lot of the other students back then – it is only because of youtube and your videos that I watched over the last year, that I realised what I’ve been missing. and I very much feel like I have plateaued as a artist unable to move forward till I’ve taken a step back.
I feel figure drawing ,Anatomy are the main ones which have been totally overlooked, as not knowing where to begin!
my question should I do the figure drawing from life course at the same time as anatomy lessons will this confuse me to do more than one course at a time (or am I trying to run before I can walk?) or Should I work through them one by one in order?
I am sure Their are others out there which are like me!
thanks Julie