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Marjan Van der Donk

Hi Linn,
LOL about the mummies!
But to stay on topic: agree that you have to see paintings ‘eye to eye’ to really appreciate them.
I have always balked at ‘you have to love this painting because everyone says so’. Being Dutch, I’m supposed to fawn over ‘De Nachtwacht’ by Rembrandt. I can see his mastery, but that’s all (love his mastery, he’s an inspiration, but I don’t drool over his paintings ;-_).
I once was in a museum with a friend who was only interested in ‘the big names’, and ignored all that was on display just to gaze at an obscure Picasso sketch. After half an hour of this ‘I love it because he’s famous’ I ruthlessly abandoned her and wandered around till I was struck by a painting. Bought the print. And after 15 years learned it was indeed a famous painter, Singer Sargent! And to the horror of said friend I loved Waterhouse! That was certainly not done, a big nono! Until the now famous exhibition of 2009 – ‘everyone’ buzzed about it, Waterhouse was cool …