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Linn Hansson

I posted the anatomy of the foot drawing for this week’s critique earlier this morning. I am not happy with it, but I can always learn from my mistakes. As usual the photography doesn’t make justice to the rendering. The photos somehow usually enhance the drawings contrast and take away all of the subtle graduations, as well as making the pencil strokes look clumsy. I wish we could just send them in by regular mail service. :p

Watched the first three videos of the 60 minutes figure drawing yesterday. I watched the tutorial about the ribcage anatomy the other day but I haven’t had the inspiration to actually do the drawing. The foot drawing discouraged me to draw this week, alongside with tiredness, stress and work… a normal week for me. I hope to be able to find some peace of mind and sit down and practice some figure drawing. I did some drawing yesterday from the first video of the figure drawing tutorial, but they look awful. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the video I was watching. I have downloaded some PDF with female and male poses from the old DTO and I want to try and implement this new (to me) myserious peanut shape. Wish me luck. I will try and practice more with the peanut shaped torso in the future. I just need a better sketchbook. I just wish Strathmore did sketchbooks in their 300 series bristol vellum paper which seems to be my new favourite paper. I still have a pad of the same paper in the 400 series but I haven’t tried it out yet. I plan to use it for more serious drawings since it was a tad more expensive.

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