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Linn Hansson

I handed in my cast drawing for critique last week and I tried to correct some of the mistakes with it. I decided to not pursue it any further than this. I might do in a couple of weeks, but to be honest I am quite tired with it and I am eager to move on with the other tutorials. I hope that I will re-draw the cast some day and be able to make it look better. I tweaked the hip a little bit and made some of the areas slightly darker as they were too bright. I tried to make the abs a little bit more prominent and better positioned. I want to take a photo of the drawing in natural light, but it is late autumn/early winter here in Sweden and this means a limited amount of day light, which complicates things. Thank God for artificial daylight lamps!

Anyway I also started the final drawing of the foot. I’ve spent about 1-1,5 hours I think on it so far. Not a lot has happened but I’m struggling with the toes, which annoys me. I decided to add a diagonal gradient as I fell in love with the idea while making the cast drawing. I am unfortunately left handed so I will have to make the gradient pretty late on in the drawing process. I got some Col-Erase yesterday and decided to try them out on this foot drawing. I like them so far, but I am concerned about their lightfastness. I might stick to graphite when I know I’m going to save the drawing and frame it.

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