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Linn Hansson

I watched the tutorial about the studio setup yesterday and got even more aware of how bad my working place is, however it is located in my living room so there is not a lot of options in terms of placement of the desk. I like my drawing place, but the drawing board is way too big for my small antique desk. I have been planning on getting a small stool or table to place my huge Faber-Castell Polychromos box on when drawing. The box itself takes up most of the space on my desk. :p

I keep most of my drawing material in the desk and my papers pads, palettes and coloured pencils in the drawers to the right of the desk. I do not have a great place to store my large single sheets of watercolour and drawing papers, so they are placed in a box on top of a bookcase in my “office”.

I always use an iPad to display the reference images since I like that you can zoom in and out on it. But I am not that great with measurements so I always keep a printed version of the object as a static copy of the reference. I usually use a ruler or my compasses, but this time I’ve only used the compasses twice to double check if the measurements were somewhat correct, but I felt like I was cheating so I stopped using them.

As I said before I am terrible frustrated with the cast drawing at the moment. I feels like I have ruined it, but I hope that it is not too late to fix the worst parts. I had hoped to be able to finish it this weekend to put it into the Critique Gallery, but we’ll see how that goes.

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