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Linn Hansson

Your tiger looks wonderful! It has that great facial expression you want a tiger to have. Powerful but laid back at the same time. I think you could publish a wonderful children’s book if you want to. That would be awesome!

I’m one of those people wanting to master all mediums, which for me is a bad thing because I never take the time to master one medium at a time, but I will try and pace myself. You should try digital painting! It is a lot of fun, I used to learn it but that was before I discovered polychromos and watercolour 🙂 I also had no fundamentals in colour theory or drawing, but when I’m buying a new computer I will start exploring the digital world again. I love the colour correcting tool, saves me a lot of time. 😉

What kind of children’s book are you planning on writing? I’d love to read it online whenever you publish it!