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Adina Rafaila

Day 8

Purpose: study line quality and visual measuring
Timeframe: 2.5h
Tools: 2B, 2mm pencil

I studied the angles and measuring and decided to apply together with line quality.
In the cat drawing I started by measuring the head, splitting the body by this unit, adding angles.
The head is too big and by trying to work clean, with a light line I end up less focused on the measurements.

With the second drawing I decided to have some fun, I didn’t measure and just sketched freely.
I did some photoshop fixes on top of it to see how off i was. I think it’s actually better than the cat.

Things I’ve learned:
– It’s ok to start with a loose drawing as long as I use very light lines
– After having the initial construction, check some angles, points and measurements to make sure everything is placed correctly
I think, at the moment, this would be the best combination for me. I can train my coordination and learn to trust it. I can also have immediate feedback and check my initial sketch.
Measuring everything out in the beginning really takes the fun out of drawing for me and I really feel I do better when I do my loose sketching first.

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