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Adina Rafaila

Had a few busy work days, so I’m starting drawing again today.

Day 7

Purpose: study line quality
Timeframe: 1.5h
Tools: Derwent Studio, Ivory Black (never again)

This is how failure looks like 🙂
I did this with the Derwent pencil. Even though it can get darker than graphite, I don’t like the way it feels… I guess I should use only graphite for a while, instead of switching tools all the time.

The start of the drawing was going really well, I had convex lines, multiple angles, I was working really light and confident.. until i started going a second pass to darken some parts of the drawing.
I guess habit is stronger than reason, because even though i was literally talking loud to myself about which part i want accentuated, i ended up with an 80% accentuated drawing.
Plus, my whole light, complex line work disappeared under the thicker lines. i wasn’t focusing anymore on the form, but in getting those dark lines.

Anyway, I learned a few things. Like controlling the pencil more from my shoulder, dragging my hand on the paper to keep off weight from the pencil.

What I’m not confident in at this moment, is my measuring and shading.
I actually didn’t want to shade any of it, but I started shading bits and ended up with a mess.
About measuring, I need to do some more research.

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