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Adina Rafaila

Day 2 – I decided to do the “Marks on Paper” lesson, this time in graphite.
I wanted to use a single pencil for the whole Value Scale, an HB.
Since HB doesn’t go any blacker, I had to do everything a few tones lighter, but I also tried to keep the same ratio between tones.
The toned lines were waaay more difficult to do with graphite. It was like the pencil was bumping into invisible obstacles on the paper :))
Thus, more trembling lines… But after a while I got used to it.

After doing the value scale and the lines I decided to give a try drawing the torso from Matt’s “Make your Mark” video.
I used the HB, 2 mm mechanical pencil.
First, I didn’t measure anything so I got a longer torso.. Then I got messy with the shading. I can’t shade! It’s crazy. This is the reason I stopped drawing so many times.

But anyway, I guess it’s a decent “thingy” I did for a first try 🙂

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