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Arjun Khode

If you have any questions just let me know. These programs need a lot of space in the laptop. Also be aware that to render a 3D image, it takes somewhere between 15mins to 4hours per image for the final render. It’s a lot of waiting time involved too.

If she is serious about this, watching the basics of 3D on youtube would be ideal, even she does not have that software. I like the channel called “flipped normals”. Stuff like polygons, 3D mesh, subdivision, height maps, displacement maps, normal maps, etc. and what they mean.

Also another great free resource is what is called as HDRI’s, which are like free spheres of lighting that simulate a real lighting environment like say a sunset on an Australian beach and you can light up your model in it. They can be used in blender and Daz. She must learn how to use HDRIs in blender first, light up any free 3d model, bring it into blender, which in itself has a learning curve too. Just don’t let her get discouraged!

my email is arjunkhode [at] gmail [dot] com, if you need help.