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Arjun Khode

Hi Scott. I have quite a bit of functional experience with digital sculpting and 3D. I highly recommend the program called Daz 3D. It starts you off with a 3D human model that you can pose, design, clothe, morph(by sculpting on top of it), you can place it in a scene, adjust the camera for the scene with the f stop and all those settings. I would not recommend getting sucked in to buying the 20$ addons in the store until she has had a tight experience with the free stuff. Like the costs add up really fast, it’s an entire world out there. People buy these morphs and clothes like real clothes. But a lot can be done with the free stuff. You could decide a budget since it is free and buying one or two morph packs is fine. You can also import 3D scans of statues and marble sculptures in Daz or Blender. These 3D scans are freely available on the net. It’s like having your own virtual Venus De Milo or David, but it’s never going to be as good as the real thing. Daz sounds like a virtual doll program but it was actually used in the latest Marvel Avengers movies. It is pretty legit.

Blender is great. Yes, it is confusing, but it is more than a pure sculpting program. It is just as good as Z brush if not better. Z brush is even more confusing than blender!

With any of this, a huge learning curve is expected. But the free programs are the way to go because they are used by industry professionals too. She is just going to have to watch a lot of youtube videos. I have a lot of programming experience and still it took about a month to completely understand Daz, watching youtube videos day and night. Everything is on youtube. You honestly don’t need to buy a course.