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Nancy Gilbert

Really enjoyed the first class! Though, man, am I slow when it comes to drawing in a “real-time” setting. So very out of practice with live drawing. 😳 Weekly is fine for me, though I know at least one person who will only be able to catch the video version because of the 10am EDT start. But I’m sure they’d enjoy the video (as would I in case other things interfere with my schedule).
I like the ideas proposed above and would be interested to see something on starting a still life, or a cast portrait or even a self portrait. Heck, pretty much anything. 😄

Thanks again – and looking forward to the next one!

Ps. Matt, I posted a still from the first class on Instagram (with my final drawing). Is that ok? I blurred out the Zoom meeting number, but figured I’d better check – a little late, but better than never, I hope. 🤦‍♀️