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Travis Sennett


I had an idea for a feature of your site. Not so much of a tutorial per-say.

Something I wish I always had when I started out learning art 5 years ago was a clearer path to getting where I wanted with my artwork fitting my end goal. Now, I know half of the battle is to know where you want to end up. But, I think that it would be pretty cool if you had a “Recommended progression” article or something where you could give a general idea of where your students should start with your tutorials and the order you would recommend they continue to head in the direction they’re looking to go.

Some things like animation, concept art, fine art, portraiture, still lifes, life drawing, illustration, comics… you get the idea. I’m sure with all your SVA students you know all of the variations.

To use me as an example:

At first, I didn’t know what an art career might look like for me. I knew I really wanted to end up in a place where I was drawing from imagination and creating sci-fi, fantasy, or surreal paintings. I wasn’t sure if that was a freelance illustrator, selling originals and prints, or working in house for some company. Regardless, I just got started. As I bounced around through various things on the old site, the new site and other learning resources outside of this site, I knew that no matter where I wanted to go I had to get a strong foundation. But, I got impatient and eventually, I hit a period of major frustration where I could not get the things in my head down on paper. I really wanted to make that leap and move on from the “Homework” as you’ve told me in the past. I know now that a lot of that is just consistent practice and patience and not really something you can force.

All that being said. The thing that sent me here to say all this is that I noticed after I went from anatomy to drawing from memory, perspective and back to anatomy, things just started to click in my head better. Like, I needed to do a combination of those things and revisit them in order to have it click.

I’m having trouble articulating what I’m trying to say. I guess a syllabus of sorts is what I mean. But maybe a syllabus with some asterisks in there that say “If you’re not happy with where you’re at with this go back to X section and run through those lessons again”.

I just feel like people would get a stronger pull into the site if they could see a progression to follow. I’m sure it would be hard to interpret that for everyone, though. The more I type this out the less it seems like a reasonable option. After all that typing I’m just going to submit my suggestion even if it isn’t realistic. Food for thought, anyway. I hope you get what I trying to say. I’m sure there’s a better way to explain it and implement it if you wanted to.

Also, it would be neat if in the sections that you have you put outside resources to look for supplemental learning. Like recommended books, videos, etc. Sometimes it just takes having something explained to you a few different ways to help it all make sense.

Sorry for the essay!