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Arjun Khode

Hi Alan.
Wanted to share some of my stats.

Everytime I draw in Procreate, I use 4000×5000 pixels for a vertical format. This is good enough for a 11×14″ print. If I’m doing something rough I use a 3000×3000 pixels square format. The standard for most social media sites is 1080 pixels of maximum width RGB 8 bit. If you don’t want someone to steal and print your artwork, it helps to duplicate the file and resize it to 72ppi and post that instead. If you are delivering a digital commission it should ideally be 300ppi.

The more pixels you have to work with the larger the image can be reproduced in print. However, it becomes memory intensive for the computer in terms of the large brush size and having layers which is like the entire canvas on top of itself for every new layer you create. That is why Procreate has limited maximum layers for any certain canvas size. This depends on the RAM of each device. In Photoshop there is no limit, but the computer does get slowler beyond a certain size.