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Craig Warner

Thanks Matt o Keymaster!
I also submitted a more successful quarter profile to the Critique Gallery, as I didn’t expect you to bring this stuff over to the critique. That picture is pretty good. These are terrible! Yikes, I’m slightly embarrassed by how bad I am, especially the self-portrait above. I know we’re meant to improve, and I’m working hard at it (well as hard as I can, given the mountain of writing I have to get through), but my portrait of young Alex on the Critique Gallery starts to show that improvement. Anyway, it’s all very useful, and I’ve never stuck with drawing for this long, and it’s a testament to your website and the way you run it that I’m reminaining engaged and determined to improve.
Thanks for everything Matt. What do you think of the Loomis Technique? Is it balderdash? Hope you had a nice break.