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Lucille Kreps

for a while I was managing to multitask and fit a little art in even on nights I had to work. I’d sit out in the car after work at 3am and draw clients faces from memory – it would have been interesting to be able to take photos so I could compare the memory drawing to the actual face to see how I did but that wasn’t really possible. I need to get back to doing this soon!

I’m not like a priest or a therapist. There is no confidentiality clause I have to abide by. So I text these sketches to my girlfriends and we laugh.

I managed to use “I’d like to draw you on a paper with a lovely laid finish’ as a pickup line. Also, I got some lovely handmade all cotton paper with a laid finish a few months ago. It feels like cloth what you touch it. I live for that.

I’m going off on a photography tangent for the next month or two to really nail taking good reference photos. My hands are messed up again. Hopefully painting will start happening again. I crave it more than food now.

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