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Lucille Kreps

I finally got to put some oil paint on something. I think I might like acrylics better for paintings that aren’t going to have impasto and heavy brush strokes… if I’m painting fairly smooth then the finished product really looks the same and geeze the oil paint has a tendency to migrate in a way I find really disconcerting. I find little smudges and faint oil paint stains all over my arms, furniture, everywhere when I’m done. Acrylics just sort of stay on their leash and only go where I tell them to (mostly on my canvas). I think I’ll be using acrylics a lot to do paint studies but ultimately doing most of my finished paintings with oils because nothing compares to the rich textures they give. I love oil paintings that make the canvas look like a frosted cake. Acrylic impasto dries down SO much.

I’ve been doing some really ‘boring’ paint studies that make my friends think I’m crazy.. I wish my health was better so I could spring up out of bed and do one every single day. I think hoping I’ll get to paint tomorrow is the main thing keeping me alive right now. I did another Zorn copy but this time instead of using the Zorn palette I used Golden Acrylics ‘primary’ colors – magenta, cyan, yellow – just to see what it would be like. Oh my god. It was disgusting. I know there’s some messed up stuff going on with this lady’s cheek but I couldnt make myself care. The primary color palette was so absolutely very disgusting to work with. It almost felt slimy for some reason and slippery. And mixing the colors to match the Zorn painting was HARD. The pigments used for the primaries seem to have a very high tinting strength and any little smidge added to the mix would throw it in a whole other direction. I struggled for an hour before finally deciding to use the primary colors to mix colors resembling a yellow ochre and cadmium red… then I mixed from those more subdued colors. I don’t hate how the colors ended up looking… they are more vivid than the Zorn palette but the experience was awful – even when it was going right it just felt very, very wrong. Very interesting experience. I want to try this one again with an acrylic gouache on paper soon just to see what that feels like

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