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Lucille Kreps

Hi Alexander,

I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with eyesight issues but I’m glad you’re staying interested in art and motivated! I’ve got debilitating health issues myself (neurological) and of all the subscription tutorials sites for drawing I’ve found this one to be the most nurturing environment overall – extremely positive and interesting, very affordable, and never demeaning or guilting to those of us who are only able to practice art at our own pace. Many days I am stuck on bed rest because of my disease or I’m not coordinated/coherent enough to sit up and put my hands on my artwork but I have found that laying in bed and watching tutorials – and even more importantly vividly fantasizing and picturing in my head how and in what situations I would put this info into practice – has done wonders for my art skills. I find that if I can’t get out of bed basically living a vivid fantasy life where I am doing art really shows up in the finished pieces once I have a day where I’m able to do it in real life – I find the whole process goes smoother and seems more intuitive. Plus, it gives me something to keep my mind positive and keep my head in the game of life when I’d otherwise be down in the pits. Can’t wait to see what you’ll post to the critique gallery, in your own time 🙂

– Lucille