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Alexander Shunko

No worries, Matt

It was not even a question 🙂

Regarding the audio’s… It would be nice to hear sometimes a little bit about the artistic life in NY. About any art exhibitions that you’ve seen, about your students jobs and success, about comic books and cartoon industry in USA, any rumors and stuff like that. It is interesting for me because I live not in the USA and NY is one of the largest cities in the entire world with probably the largest amount of artists of all kinds. Cartoonists, comic book artists, artists in the game entertainment industry, artists for films and 3d animation, traditional painters, illustrators, street artists… That is nuts! It is an entire parallel world of art.

I am not sure if you keep connections with other artists in NY, sure most artists prefer a very secluded lifestyle. So don’t mind if it is not your subject. Just an option.

The Weekly Member Podcast is already great without any changes. I actually sometimes go through the archive of the podcasts to see some random lessons. It is quite unique place in the internet.