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Nancy Friedlander

Just a quick update – got a new job and that really messed up my schedule … a LOT. Things are quieting down enough (finally) that I can get back on track and I’m starting the shadow shapes lesson today. Not to worry, I haven’t been completely inactive; I’ve been working on line quality, the value scale, and the like.

GOOD NEWS! I got an easel (on sale) and that made a huge difference! Now if I can get a good light source, I can work in the evening after work and not fall so far behind. It will probably be next Sunday before I can post the drawing though. If last time was any indication, I need to do some practicing first.

You know I thought I had done a good job but when Matt put the drawing up side by side with the reference, I immediately saw that the top of the head was way too flat … I was already critiquing myself before Matt even started!