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Nancy Friedlander

Had to buy a printer and that slowed things down because I’m here to tell you, using a reference photo on the screen of your phone induces a whole lot of squinting — and not the Matt-approved kind. So, bought a printer. Course that meant buying paper and ink and all that (the printer actually tells the store when to send more – so cool). Its never just one thing, is it.

Anyways, the gray scale/value finder I ordered arrived so I had been working on value matching. More squinting but this time, the Matt-approved kind.

And then, I had to start on the lesson — accurate shapes from the Begin Here – Step by Step course. The first time I am supposed to draw a face and what do you know, its for the lesson no one likes. Took several sessions and whole lot of erasing. A LOT of erasing. I succeeded and I include a reduced size version with this entry. Sort of a record of progress. Some happy day I’ll look at back at these early attempts …

Anyways, things I noticed –

– Like working off the foam core board. Because it doesn’t feel as solid to me, it helps me keep my touch lighter. That’s something I’m working on. I have a light touch but I seem to bear down more when I feel less sure of what I’m doing.

– Really liked doing the value matching. Matt suggested using a stiff brush to push the color in and that worked. Also, I liked the effect.

– Painter’s tape is great. No residue. Comes off easily. And suddenly, the entire blank wall behind my desk is now a makeshift cork board. Though I might shred the picture from this week’s lesson as a way of taking out the frustration I built up. NOT easy to do.

New questions arise … such as, how to photograph something I’ve done so it looks right when I turn it in? I was looking at sites that provide figures to use for drawing practice and I noticed that the lighting is more diffuse – not a lot of shadow shapes. Is there a good source for practice shapes?

Hard as the lesson was its good to be back at it. Onto the next lesson!

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