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Arjun Khode

Hi Kimberly

yes, in my opinion. Some digital artists make this technique very popular in their timelapse videos where they constantly flip the image like crazy.

It is meant to reset your eyes to see the shapes in an abstract way.
When we draw, we are constantly battling what we see vs. what we think we see. We might think of an eye as a symbolic almond shape, lips as almond shape, or lips as a cupid’s bow, but in reality they might not always conform. You have to see them as abstract shapes and not as an eye or a lip.

A technique that works for me is called creaturization, where you visualize something else within something, like “oh, this white of the eye looks like a banana, or a snake swallowing a huge ball. I see two elephant heads in this shape of tone in the lips”. Anything you do that helps you remember a shape long enough so you can transfer it to your drawing accurately.

I almost never use the flipping technique anymore because I know that if I get a likeness, it will look correct in the mirror for sure, and it almost always does for me.