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Andre Carter

Thank you, Arjun!

Over the week I have worked on a couple of things.

1. Pencil to paper

This was the homework for pencil to paper. I want to re-attempt this one. I was taking some notes after looking at this and noticed that the proportions and values are a bit off. Around the back of the neck and shoulders I had less confidence with my continuous line. I want to take these notes and what Matt gives on Monday into my next try.

2. Cast drawing: value ratio/3 values

This was also homework for Pencil to paper. I decided to do the value ratio and 3 value study to help me understand value more. Using line and tone together helps me see more. It also making my drawings more interesting. Taking these points over to animation has been helping tremendously.

3. Value matching.

I did these before I did the value ratio/ 3 value study. Like Matt says this helps with knowing you touch. With continuously doing these, I have been able to physically see the subtle changes in value as a build on. I don’t think that I will be using this full range in my finished work for animation and sprites but it is very great starting point to not only see values but control them.

4. More Pencil to paper.

I was feeling ambitious and did another hand at pencil to paper but with a different reference. It kinda dropped the ball on this one. The model for this is a bit more hunched over and my center line is off. I want to re try this one too and take some note in to the re-do.

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