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Arjun Khode

Hi Steven, if you could do anything you want or draw like anybody you liked, what would you do with that power? You should be doing that. Honestly being depressed is no one’s fault, it’s the state of chemicals in one’s brain that mostly causes that. However until they stabilize, you need to find something to get through that phase. These are the ebbs and flows of the life of an artist. My suggestion would be to sharpen a skill of your choice and if it does not give you pleasure, treat it with discipline and persist. What you could do to start with is imagine the future you looking back and being proud of this skill you were so glad you invested in. The potential is infinite. Put things into perspective. It’s like riding a motorcycle and banking on a turn, you just have to look that way and the bike automatically leans that way. Start with one push up, one stroke, 1 minute, 1 sentence, and build it up. There’s a certain special reward that kicks in at one point when you start seeing slight results.

You could start documenting your journey towards the day you reach somewhere positive. Start writing a diary, or recording your voice or Instagram stories, an entire Instagram channel, perhaps. It will inspire others and you could spark a community of many others like us, who feel there’s nowhere to go but the truth is, there always is. What would you like to build man?