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Andre Carter

Thanks Matt.

I’m definitely going to jump on that asap.

I haven’t drawn traditionally in quite a while so it a bit intimidating coming back. I have opted to have bigger sketch books for a while. 8×10 was always too small for me and 18×24 I can’s carry around with my all the time so I opted to get an 11×14. I like the space that it gives me for something portable.

I get a hour lunch so I have time to do some quick sketches. My desk at work is pretty big so I have some room:


I decided to catch up on some of the recommended reading and watch some of the step by step videos. Pencil to Paper is going to be really helpful for me easing back in to traditional. I was really paying attention to continuous line. The circles, figure 8’s, and scribbles feel great with gliding the side of my palm on the paper. Since I am working a bit bigger my hand actually has room to fit on the side. I was actually paying attention to the page economy I have while it resting. I one of the videos Matt mentioned that he draws just slightly to the left of the book to give himself some room. I have never thought about that! I started marking where that is most comfortable for me in the 11×14.

page econ

After reading Matt’s response to my question post I want to just into Gesture first, but I am unsure if I should be just concentrating on that or that and just one of the figure drawing courses at the same time? I I’ll be sure to add that as a follow up on the thread for Monday.

I’m also unsure to keep going with Step by step or just hop into gesture?

I went a head picked up a value finder. Think for this week I am going to do is try out the Pencil to paper homework and use it for my Monday critique and podcast.

value finder