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Magnus Burén

My advice would be – practice the classes you feel you “must” do when you have time/need for those, but also make sure to study the classes you’re passionate about – at least as much.

Art should imho opinion be about joy, passion and self expression. Focus on that and study the “tools” as a necessary mean to express yourself the way you want to.

10 years ago, starting to draw daily I hated value scales and drawing basic shapes over and over. I wanted to draw big castles, epic battles including hundreds of figures etc 😀

The more I draw the more I find the need to (in a passionate, joyful way) really dive in to the subtleties of values, transitions, how to render shade on a sphere etc.

To put it simple: Don’t force yourself to do things that make the passion that is making art burn less bright. After all: If it is not fun (or a beneficial and therefore important step towards a goal) – why do it?

Best of luck, keep drawing/doing what you love and the pieces will surely fall into its proper places 🙂