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Lucille Kreps

I’ve taken some acrylic painting courses in the last few months, gotten (mostly) over my fear of getting paint ‘on things’ and spent a whole month doing nothing but having a nervous breakdown, writing stuff on my walls and painting really dismal looking pears. I’ve painted so many damn pears. Pears mostly in water color with 20 different brushes just to see what kind of brushes I like using. Pears in different colors, different moods, pears all on the same type of paper but with 14 different water based media like water soluable graphite, ink, watercolor, liquid watercolor, inktense pencils, neocolor crayons, acrylic ink and on and on. So many freaking pears. Oil paint pears, charcoal pears, gouache pears. I just really want to know what’s out there and how it all feels going down on different surfaces. Also I never want to eat or see another pear ever again. Except now. I want to eat one right now. I actually felt up to getting some social time so I went out to a nude club and did some penis portraits to get over my fear of painting in public and to get used to doing fast quick studies in paint. Also to test my portable set up.

215 – god why are there so many. that was a few days into the pears
218 – no more freaking pears. Ever.
202 – self explanatory
220 – oh, and then even though I feel like I’m not getting anywhere trying to learn art while battling my weird medical stuff I totally managed to fill a page with ten minute sketches tonight. I have no idea how I’m getting faster… I’m not doing that much drawing I don’t think… mostly just laying in bed sick *thinking* really hard about drawing and imagining that I am. It’s taken me almost three years to get to the point that I can do a ten minute sketch that I feel ok about – AND I’M SO HAPPY!!! These little skulls would have taken me an hour each three years ago… and probably 20-30 mins each just 6 months ago. Got them done in ten. So YAY!! Not all hope is lost

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