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Arjun Khode

Hi Felipe and Matt, I would like to share an instance where last year, I was approached by a friend to paint in a particular, different style. She wanted a cartoon of herself for her youtube channel and gave me two cartoons as style references. She wanted me to combine those two cartoon styles and produce a cartoon of her. I did not have a style of my own at that time and I did several drawings for her, but she never liked any of them. That’s fine, but what I’d like to stress is how much of a headache it was to emulate those styles and it really hurt my ego when she criticized my work. My drawing did not make it and she hired someone else to do the job and they did it much worse than me in my opinion, but who am I to judge. I decided after that event that I would never paint for someone if they are going to ask for changes the way my friend did. Now I know it was probably just because, it was not my style and that put me in the underdog position.