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Arjun Khode

Hi Matt. I would like to add to Misty’s question. I watched the small portrait course and loved how the drawing turned out. I noticed that you see the placement of everything so clearly. Like “Is this a bit more up or down as compared to that, to the left or to the right?”. When you draw, you get it really accurate in the first try most of the times. When I draw, I don’t see those subtleties and my targets are much more inaccurate. Did you learn to place things accurately through using grids or other aids and developed an understanding during that phase, or did you do some deliberate, special practice for placement over the years?

You know that I overlay my block-in over the reference digitally to check measurements. I have just started to do it and I was wondering if I will develop accuracy with mileage, just repeating this process? I am curious to know how I should pace myself in this journey. Is there a timeline to this, as to how many years does it typically take to start getting some accuracy?

I get really disappointed when I find out my measurements were wrong despite trying my best. I sometimes doubt my worth and think to myself, would I draw as good without digital technology?