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Arjun Khode

Hi Misty. I made the mistake of starting out with watercolor as my first traditional color medium. I found that the medium in itself is so hard to control, it became very difficult for me to implement the concepts of color theory I was learning. Plus watercolor is so much about timing. How quickly the paint dries changes with season, time of day and location. Brush wetness, paper wetness, thickness of paint, granulation. There are just too many variables! A little later, I started watching acrylic and oil tutorials and it really relaxed me and even helped with my watercolor.

I recall Matt mentioning in a podcast that acrylic is a good medium to start with and serves as a good precursor to oil.

Btw, a really great book by Stephen Quiller, the guy who invented the Quiller wheel: “Color Choices: Making Color Sense Out of Color Theory”