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Hi Arjun,

I have been using that same phrase for many years. I mention it often in the how to draw the figure from your memory course.

There is a process, it’s just tedious and to some, a bit too much.

You first draw from a model or a good quality photo of a model. You definitely will want to spend some time on the drawing. Looking at the model at least fifty percent of the time.

After you have spent an hour or longer looking and drawing. Then do you best to draw that same model from you imagination. This process will hurt your brain when you try to remember the pose.

I almost always try to remember what certain negative shapes look like. I start there. I also use the techniques taught here on the site. The torso peanut shape and in the past the rough skeleton.

I can talk to this in the podcast. The process of drawing like this will most definitely build up poses in your mind.