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Hi Lynn,

Okay it’s the Holiday Season and we all need extra money so this is a tough one. Please understand where this is coming from. I have been working with clients since 1990 so I am very jaded with certain things.

You have two choices.

1. I can already see by your words that this potential client is unrealistic and a bit demanding. If it was me I would turn around and run. If they are already demanding stuff before you even start can you imagine their expectations. You will certainly have unrealistic changes after you complete the art.

Certain people are just difficult. I learned the hard way. I’ve actually given certain clients back the job and told them I wanted nothing, they were a a nightmare.

2. You understand everything that I just wrote and you still accept the job just for the money. Understanding that this will not be a portfolio piece. Understanding that this person will be difficult the entire ride.

I’m being a bit extreme here. But this stuff happens all the time to artists. You can take on the job and do your best to complete a good drawing from nothing. However if there is no info in the photo it will be a stressful job.

That’s my two cents. I have been in both situations and learned.