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Lucille Kreps

I finally spent 3 hours last night downloading all the course materials on this website and marking every single course as complete…. hopefully now I’ll be able to use the site more often and more freely. It’s really been a huge roadblock for me not to be able to skip around completely freely on this site as I really don’t learn in a linear fashion. It’s more like I need to just give something a try and then questions naturally arise during the process and then I need to have those questions answered at the moment they occur to me. Being able to freely flick through many different course topics and find my answer is going to be HUGELY freeing….. now I don’t have a way of keeping track of what ive done lol. but that’s ok I guess.

I’m just coming off of another month of having to lay in bed and not get much drawing (or anything else) done but now I’m back to it.