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Adina Somesan

This was my old sketchbook here 😀
Glad to see how much I evolved, yikes!

My plan is to update it once a week with the most relevant drawings I did during that week.

17-23 Sept 2018

Short Studies: gesture, form(simple to complex), measuring, line quality
Long Studies: Seeing Shadow Shapes
Tools: sketchbook, HB 2mm pencil

For the long study, Seeing Shadow Shapes, I struggled and spent a lot of time measuring. Because I used such strong lines, it was difficult to figure out the values for the shadows. I was basically trying to hide the strong lines and incorporate them.

For the gestures, I felt most comfortable doing the 1-2 min gestures. 30 sec was not enough for me, and more than 2 min I felt was too long.

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