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Hi Jesse,

Just about 80-90% of my wet paintings were mailed in a 13×19 inch Fedex box.

I had a system for making a foam board cover that rested a half inch above my wet painting. It sort of sealed the painting. Hard for me to explain that cover in words. However it worked out great for me over the years.

It was also very light. Weight is what costs the most when it comes to shipping.
International shipping is absolutely dreadful. I’m not trying to be a debbie downer. However if I’m to be honest with you internal shipping was the reason why I stopped making DVD’s.

Depending on the country you ship to, they add diverse taxes and fees. It was a hassle.

I will talk to this in Monday night’s podcast.

Shipping in the US is much easier. Plus packages do not get lost as much.

If you want to follow up I can help you in Monday’s podcast.