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Linn Hansson

I agree with you both! 🙂 I would like to use traditional oil paints, I do have a basic winton oil set of 10 which I got a few years ago when I wanted to try it out, but I never knew how to use them properly. I also have some zest-it which is supposed to be less toxic than thinners. I will take some time to think about it all and perhaps try both alternatives.
I am however a but uncertain on how to store the waste of oils and cleaning solvents. Would a jar with a lid be okay and then to be taken to the recycle station once in a while?

And I will also avoid cadmium as much as possible. I read an article about it some years ago which made me very aware of it. I just hope I do not have any other paints where cadmium is hidden – perhaps I need to check that out.