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Marjan Van der Donk

To supplement Matt’s answer: I don’t know which country you live, but here you can find a solution if you do not want to use de cadmium colours of W&N (if you go for the watermixable paints). I agree with Matt that you should avoid the cad colours, but I disagree with his ‘it’s only 5 or 10 minutes you have the solvents out’. For me, only 10 seconds of the smell of solvents gives me a headache …
My paintings are all in W&N and Cobra watermixable oils, using the academic processes of painting (so many fat over lean layers from underdrawing to a wash, blocking in the shadowshapes, a grisaille, a layer of burnt sienna for the first warmth, the first layer of colour, second, and at least two glazes over that to add depth in the colours.
Matt has a different process, fewer layers and more section painting – which I like too.
Good luck, hope you can relax and enjoy experimenting in whatever paint you chose! Looking forward to seeing your work!