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Marjan Van der Donk

Hi Linn, yes, it’s an ongoing and friendly ‘debate’ I get drawn into regularly: what is ‘real paint’, ‘authentic practice’ et cetera 😉 My stance at the moment is: whatever! about 65,000 years ago the first humans used red ochre + water to paint the first surfaces. Today, those very same pigments are used still. Inbetween, humans have experimented with adding different mediums to these pigments, like eggs, vinegar, a wide range of (mineral) oils, dilutants, new chemical inventions like acrylic … The more toxic pigments have safer, modern day replacements (fortunately), and the toxic dilutants are being replaced too. Hurrah for science! So: there is no ‘real paint’, there’s just pigments + added mediums = you choose what works best for you!